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Thursday, November 24, 2005

HOW cultures educate?

Thinking of my essay title.I think how cultures educate is as important as what cultures educate?In the context of Aditi and other international schools this poses a tougher challenge.Speaking from a recent experience....the other day I was talking about the British rule in India in standard six.We were discussing issues of freedom,exploitation etc when one student suddenly told me how good the British rule was for India.Frankly speaking I was taken aback initially and didnt know how to react to it at that moment.To add to my state of stupor the student's ideas were supported by many of her peers in class who firmly believed that the British Raj was the glorious era of India.Later I learnt that these children were either Britsh citizens or their grandparents were supporters of British.I must admit that now me and my team teacher have altered the lesson plan so that we could accomodate the thoughts of these students as well.A great lesson for me..........I realised the need and relevance of an unbiased curricula.Thank god we dont have textbooks in standard six.


  • That was an interesting anecdote. When I went to Blenheim castle in England, where Winston Churchill was born, there were pictures of Bristish soldiers in India in the corridors with captions that described their martyrdom in India and their glorious heroism in living a hard life in the colonies. It is always startling when you see history form the others' point of view. I appreciate the change in plan that you initiated after the incident. That is sensitivity to diversity and an understanding of context that directly influences content and your perspectives!

    By Blogger Tara Kini, at 3:51 AM  

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