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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Need Curriculum info!

What sort of curriculum do we follow at MAIS at the primary level?
Any feed back will be welcome!!!!!

24th nov
Guess not much info is coming in!! Mean bunch I have here!! Guess I would be better off with the likes of Pollard and Gardner. A 'menage a trois' !!


  • The curriculum would be best known to you Mohua, as you helped document many evidences of work that illustrated the primary curriculum! The best person to consult on this would be Dharma Kannan as she has impeccable records of all this.

    By Blogger Tara Kini, at 3:54 AM  

  • Tara's comment (about the essay relating to your practice) is very valid - the assignment is very clearly worded as far as this is concerned.

    Mohua, may I suggest this - let your starting point for PYP be the reading, and think of it not as "PYP" but "an international curriculum" and analyse the rationale they have presented in the reading. Then relate some or all of the different aspects to the way you find things at Aditi. In addition, you may highlight points of departure or shortcomings in the curriculum at Aditi.

    Lastly, since you have mentioned some confusion about what curriculum we follow at Aditi - for the purposes of your analysis, just think of *what* is taught (content) and *how* it is taught, without trying to give it a 'name'. Hope that makes sense. Good Luck!

    (This is a copy of the comment to Mohua's comment to Anu's post)

    By Blogger Shuchi Grover, at 10:09 PM  

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