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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sharing & Learning Together

Trying to focus.
Reading, skimming, reading,glancing, reflecting,browsing reading and feeling confused as to what to take up as the main argument of my essay was the dilemma.
Let me just talk about a few things that came to my mind which apparently do not have much to do with the article I have chosen but still have been-believe it or not - sparked off by reading this article.
Science for liberation- what is liberation? Liberation from what- do we not like to belong? and seek safety in numbers and structures and under leadership and protection and guidance and....
Prosperity through Cultivation of Scientific temper- a notion very akin to communism.
A marathi shloka says, give people only what they need and deserve because anything more is not digested by them and indigestion can invite many more illnesses. Mind you- give them what they NEED and also what they DESERVE. Who decides what people need and who decides what they deserve? Who is the giver?
Religion-state-universities-societies-cultures-natural disasters. What drives education policies? what perpetuates education/knowledge/technologies/wisdom/ignorance/inequality/suppression/oppression/rebellion/insights/wisdom/knowledge/education/technologies/...
Socio-economic factors, Socio-political factors, Politico-economic factors
What does not influence education?
What is education?
what is holistic education?
what is the real difference between the so-called ignorant/uneducated and the knowledgable/educated?
There is a term in marathi-"sushikshit adani" meaning 'well educated ignorant'.
Popular science, general science, basic science,school science, home science, graduate level science,cutting-edge science, pure science, scoutboy science,elite science, esoteric science,science-fiction!!!
Can education bring wisdom?
What is science?
How different is scientific enquiry from religious enquiry?
How different is delight in science different from delight in poetry?
Every communiction is actually a miscommunication.
Very few things have only dennotative meanings.
And this is where Frederic Vester could have come in.
But now I still have one more day to decide whether I want to bring him in or not.


  • very interesting. but i want to see where youre going. i was reading holderlin yesterday.

    By Blogger a.v.koshy, at 6:57 AM  

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