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Monday, February 06, 2006

First meeting of the first CASW group!

The first group of CASW finaly got started. We were all there sitting very proffesionaly with our paper and pens in hand (butterflies in our stomach).
Mr. Jain was the presenter and Mrs. Kini was the fecilitator. The student work that Mr. Jain presented in the form of audio clips was of high quality. The recording was clear and we were able to follow and focus on the objective of the key question which was given to us. His key question being enhancement of oral skills of Hindi with students of Std 5, keeping in mind the very limited exposure outside the classroom.
Mr. Jain seemed to have already started tackling this problem by grouping the students and getting them to come up with jinggles for ads. The rest of the group came up with some very helpful ideas on how to make it more exciting to the children to speak in Hindi without making it seem like a task to them. We suggested a few motivaters like if they were videoed and played to the elementary school, reading sports news aloud, keeping a journal etc. We decided that all these activites seemed like effcetive ways of getting around this problem. There was also a suggestion made that if Mr. Jain could discuss these ideas with rest of his department then they would alos benefit from it. In other words spread the CASWism around!!
We soon realised that we had come to the end of our first session and all of us agreed that we enjoyed the session and the feed back and support (in terms of ideas) we gave each other was very helpful. We the first group seems to have got along like a house on fire! Out went the butterflies! We all also realized how usefull this whole CASW meet is and will be to us.


  • Thanks Christina, for that vivid and warm description of the session. I am glad you all felt uninhibited by the end of the meeting, and as your next meeting showed, there is good bonding energy and a high level of trust within the group. I am looking forward to see the effect of the implementation of these strategies in the secon round of CASW!

    By Blogger Tara Kini, at 1:10 AM  

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