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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ASCD Technology Course

After reviewing the contents of the 2 technology courses that some of you have expressed an interest in, I have decided to add "Teaching Better With Technology" to the final list I posted yesterday. It seems to have a good bit of focus on technology to facilitate DI and MI - so it certainly fits in better with this module than the other tech. course.

As of now I have Anitha & Joel on the list for this course. Neela & Geeta, could you confirm if this is indeed your final choice?

Thanks, Shuchi


  • Thankyou very much Shuchi, I'll take teaching better with technology.

    By Blogger Neela Tatu, at 11:12 PM  

  • Yes Shuchi, I shall take Teaching better with technology


    By Blogger Geeta Kamat, at 6:51 AM  

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