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Friday, March 16, 2007

Ah got here at last!!!

Okay PPSE-ites

Here I am at the blog again - I had a problem getting in because the Blogger sites have been upgraded to enable signing in with a google account - which is what I am doing now.

Just to keep you all in the loop!

I am putting the finishing touches to the consolidated grade scripts and the examiners' validation sheet for all of you who have completed the PPSE. I have also printed out the assessments for Modules 7 &8 that have already been sent to you by email. Once all the signatures are done, I will send the hard copies of all these documents to you. As it is the first time all this is being put in place, it is taking long!

We at CERTAD, are in the throes of setting up a pre-service training course - for people who are graduates and post-graduates, and who want to become teachers/ teacher resources/ researchers in education. We are in the stage of concretising the programme and resources and will launch it in August.

We will also start cohort three of PPSE (Rekha is the only one in cohort two) by August and offer it to other schools as well. I look forward to chatting with you all about all this.

In April I am going to do four and three days of training in Drik Pathshala, a school for slum children, started by Anitha Reddy in Chittoor, and in Peepal Grove School in Saddum, respectively. Then I am going to Munich to visit my daughter's new home! Enroute I shall visit friends in London and meet Robin about the new course in Oxford.

Do post on this blog and just say what you are doing currently - it will be great to keep in touch.

Tara Kini


  • This is in response to your email. I too do hope that the blog remains alive. But I guess, at least initially, I and a lot of others like me probably will turn out to be responders rather than posters and most of the times we will be responding to Koshy's posts.Wish you a happy journey to Munich and back, Mrs. Kini; and thankyou for leading us on the path that is going to make us chant '...promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep...'after you.
    P.S. You could now change your name to Pied Piper of Bangalore!

    By Blogger Neela Tatu, at 12:04 PM  

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