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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Important Notices!

Hark all ye PPSEites!

  • A bus will start from Bangalore Club at 8am on Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th of October and come to school via Jaimahal. On the way back it will start at 4 pm and go via Nandi Durg Road to Bangalore Club.
  • You are requested to bring lesson plans for any unit that you will be working on from October 25th or the following week.
  • You are also requested to bring the ASCD printed material in a file or on a CD, so that the material can be filed in the Teacher Resource Centre.
  • Please print out the ASCD certificate of completion and give one xerox copy to me and one copy for your file in Yvonne's office.

These are the allotted tutors for the assignment for Modules 7 and 8 - you will meet your tutor for 20 minutes each on the 24th afternoon. Please come ready to discuss the idea that you would like to implement for the unit plan for the assignment.

Geetha Naraynan

  • Balakrishnan V.P.
  • Geeta Kamat

Dharma Kannan

  • Rekha Kiran
  • Srinivasan K.
  • Mohua Roy
  • Gulab Jain

Shuchi Grover

  • Anitha K.
  • Neela Tatu
  • Gudrun
  • Joel K.

Suchitra Narayan

  • Raji Nair
  • Sandra Kunder

Tara Kini

  • A.V. Koshy
  • Hemamalini
  • Kalpana Uday
  • Anupama M.
  • Vijaya Rajeshwari
  • Amaranathan
  • Udayaraj Karpur
  • Anitha Santanam

Rustam Vania

  • Maheswaran

Toodleoo then and hope you are all looking forward to the sessions on the 23rd and 24th as much as we are!!! (Firecrackers may be lit only after the sessions!)

Happy Divali!



  • Dear Tara, four of us did "differntiated/ing instruction" as a course. Since making four copies of the same material seems a waste of time and paper we would like to hand in just one copy of the course for the library. From what I understand the other groups too would like to hand in just one copy of whatever course they have done.

    By Blogger a.v.koshy, at 2:33 AM  

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