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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

PPSE Code: A Reminder

Hello everyone!

It has come to our attention that students whose work and issues are being discussed at CASW sessions are being named. Additionally, the Counselling Department appears to have been made aware of this and they wanted us to not allow this to happen again.

It is unfortunate that a decision that we reached collaboratively during our contact session in Jan about not naming names in the CASW sessions has been ignored/forgotten.

Also, it appears that problems brought forth by teachers during the contact session that were discussed (without naming names) collaboratively seem to have been shared by the wider Aditi teaching body. The casual mention of these without the appropriate context of our discussions seems to have sparked some misunderstandings about what exactly transpired during our contact session. This is again a violation of our oft-stated PPSE code that what is discussed in our sessions remain within the PPSE group.

It is imperative that we try our best to adhere to the PPSE code in order to maintain a safe, non-threatening environment for the PPSE group to openly share and discuss the issues that the participants would like to tackle collaboratively. Please bear this in mind at all times as we go through this journey together.

Thank you.

Tara & Shuchi


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