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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hi PPSEites!

Dear all

Great to see activity in this space by way of sharing of wacky ideas.

This is to remind you all that there is very little time left for the 12 lessons that are scheduled to be planned, implemented, observed by a facilitator for Module 6 of the PPSE. We have received some plans but many are still to arrive.

May I remind you that you do not need to write any Special Plans - please just send us the plans for 12 lessons that you teach as a part of your daily profession! All it needs is an explanation / analysis of how the lessons are based on the pedagogic framework that you have studied in some depth with the ASCD online course.

Dharma, Shuchi and I will observe one of the lessons that you are delivering in the classroom. Please contact us and let us know when you would like us to come.

These are the teachers we have assigned ourselves to:

Dharma: Srinivasan, Raji, Kalpana, Neela, Rekha, Geeta

Shuchi: Anitha K., Vijaya, Gudrun, Bala, Uday, Mahesh

Tara: Koshy, Hema, Amaranathan, Sandra, Gulab, Joel, Anitha S.

I have already observed Gulab's lesson. I do not have detailed lesson plans from any of the others in my group, although I do have overviews from Joel and Amaranathan. I request you all to ensure that your plans reach us by this weekend and that you give us dates for observing lessons starting Monday, August21st.

We could give you feedback on the lesson and the essays for module 3 and 4 in the same one-on-one session.

See you all soon.
Tara Kini


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