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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Ugadi to PPSE-ites

O wow! Thanks Neela! That was a hugely complimentary comment to my previous posting, and coming on Ugadi day, it marks an auspicious beginning for me!

I would like to thank you all for being so involved, wholly participative, and most importantly, utterly honest with us, on this first round of the PPSE. It meant a lot to us who were trying to put the course together. Seeing the energy that this course seems to have brought into your practice for many of you, is my chief sense of joy, and continuing dialogue with you about your professional thoughts and practice will be a great source of learning for me. So I do request you to all to spend ten minutes every week, reading and writing on this blogspace.

I also hope this space of interaction with each other proves to be useful as well. If you have any moments of insight, depression or elation in your work, do express it here!

Let me start with sharing some insights that I have gained in the last week.

As you may be knowing, we at CERTAD, are planning to start a two year advanced diploma for graduates and post graduates who may be interested in entering a profession in education. In this connection we are meeting with people who may be consultants and teachers on this course. When we were debating what this course could do for the people on it, Poonam said, "You will be empowering and capacitating people - that is important. What the content of the course is not."

I found this a very thought-provoking statement. So I wanted to ask you all - did you find that the interactions, the reading, the writing, the classroom experiences that you had on the PPSE, made you feel empowered in any way?

Tara Kini


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