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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brain-based Learning

Hello again!

Tara and I would like to urge you all again to try a little harder to come up with suggestions and solutions to issues raised in CASW based on our discussions on brain-based learning.

There were several ideas that were suggested in the videos and several more that we came up with as a group. It appears that not many suggestions in the past CASW meetings have come out of this rich database. May we urge you all to look at your notes from the contact session before your CASW meetings, or perhaps even take them along with you (although there may not be much time during the CASW meeting to refer to those notes)? Participants & presenters should question suggestions that do not appear to have emerged from brain-based learning. Presenters, please be skeptical of adding a strategy to your to-do list if it is not kosher in this regard.

We hope and trust that future CASW meetings will have more ideas coming out of brain-based research.

Come on, people! You've done great this past month - let's try and work a little harder, shall we ?!

Thanks, Tara & Shuchi


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