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Thursday, August 24, 2006

W(h)acky lesson

Dear Tara, Shuchi and everyone else. Have been hampered by having internet only on and off.
I finished my course - but haven't printed out my course certificate yet because I'd like to have it in colour!
Here is a report of my w(h)acky lesson.
Held last Friday - August 18th - in the last block (G) which is a sixty minute thing, in 11 Arts.
What I did was something very simple really.
I used differentiated instruction to help me find out the different talents of my students - 23 in number - though a few were absent.
I offered them a chance to exhibit their abilities impromptu.
The differentited instruction element came in the form of giving them a time constraint of five minutes to do it in.
Two girls came out and sang , the first girl alone and then both together.
Then two girls came out and did the jive.
This was followed by several other items of edutainment.
One girl spoke as if at a JAM.
She also spoke as if for an elocution competition.
Another girl came out and recited a poem.
Yet another read out a poem on love that she had composed on the spot. Two girls tried to compose instantly but only one completed. The other wrote two lines at least, though.
Two boys engaged in a friendly arm wrestling competition with left and right hands.
This was followed by two girls engaging in the same activity.
Two girls drew patterns on the board and the class adjudged them both winners.
Due to lack of time the others couldn't participate in an impromptu debate we tried to whip up.
Although at the end of the lesson I had to indulge in a bit of shouting to keep the decibels down, fifty to fifty five minutes went by in a blur and after having thrown out lesson plan, learning objective etc. wholesale for good, plain, old-fashioned fun, I found that learning had indeed taken place in the sense that the students paid attention when tasks were rapidly interchanged and there were a variety of players on the stage.
The notions of control being handed over in a limited way and content being kept aside for skills to flower and creativity being given high priority were all fulfilled.
Coming up next unit plan plus lesson plans plus invite to attend class. HEHEHE!


  • Great to see you back on board the blog site, Koshy!! I am sure the kids had great fun int he wacky lesson and also a chance ot know some aspects about each other that they never knew existed! I hope the knowledge of who had which propensity will be of use to you when planning further lessons - the composers and the musicians being able to design one kind of activity, the dancers another and the arm wrestlers a third!! What fun!

    By Blogger Tara Kini, at 10:53 PM  

  • Sounds like fun 'lesson', Koshy. It's the kind that sticks in a student's memory long after s/he's done with school and schooling; and will probably forever be associated with his/her memories of you - how great is that! While there was perhaps no learning in terms of the required course content, I'm certain a lot was learned by the students and you - about the kinds of things you;d never figure out in an entire year of "serious" teaching & learning, right?

    By Blogger Shuchi Grover, at 2:52 AM  

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