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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wacky Lesson

This lesson happened sometime in June. I had to teach spelling in std 02 and the topic was the sound of y. Y is a consonant but disguises itself as a vowel to imitate sounds of 'i' or 'e'. I thought, disguising myself will help the children grasp the concept of something acting as something else easily and I can concentrate on the sounds the disguised Y makes. So I walked into the class wearing a daisy duck mask and interacted with the kids in a changed ducky voice for a few minutes. Then I wrote the sentences " My name is Daisy Duck. What is your name?" on the board and asked them to find out how many Ys there were in those sentences and what sounds they make. I had introduced my lesson. The rest of it was brought out from the kids themselves by questioning and brain-storming. Later, my team teachers, who were also surprised and amused when I walked in with that mask, told me it was a very good lesson and that the kids would remember it for a long time. The very next day I ran into Shuchi and asked her if it qualifies as a wacky lesson, since I had not exactly planned for it as a PPSE lesson. She told me to go ahead and blog about it. Don't ask me why I took so long to do it , for I myself don't know, but here I am. Quack Quack.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wackeyyyyy all ! ! ! !

Wackeyyyyy all ! ! ! !

My course was Dimensions of learning (DoL). Amidst many constraints and activities, it is done finally. Lesson plans submitted, couple of classes attended by Shuchi, looking forward to another session.

There was not any chance yet, to have a big wacky lesson with the AS level class, the one I chose to apply DoL.

Here are two imahes of what I did with some other classes, that may be called wacky(only you could say).

What you see on the top left is one with 11 ISC Art, and it is about using charcoal. It is a part of a demonstration in visuals.

This one on the bottom left was an extension of class on form to the soccer field. In this case the students wanted to watch the soccer match. Usually I let my students watch such activities, principally because it is student activity and its thrill and fun is a shared experience, specifically among students and for the whole school community. That day I had an overlapping lesson- Class 9 ICSE and 10 IGCSE. Why not the play and people? I thought about the drawing lesson. I was not sure of its result at that point yet went ahead with the thought. It was purely an experimental one. Later students said that they enjoyed it thoroughly. I was also glad to see that students from other classes who do art too joined with the activity borrowing the sketch books from these students.