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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hi all

Tara just told me we can use the internet facility inside the main library to log into learner forum and discussion area for the ASCD course. she also asked me to spread the news. Hope you all still read the blog.Please make use of this facility therefore. Koshy

Monday, June 12, 2006

ASCD Courses - Some General Guidelines

Hello again!

I hope most of you will be enrolled in your ASCD course of choice over the next few days. A few tips/reminders/guidelines...

  • The website for logging into the course is
  • Please complete enrollment and start with the course by the end of this week. I have adminstrator privileges - which enables me to track progress of the students in this group. [I see all of you at 0% right now.]
  • ASCD makes the course open to you for six months, i.e. your login and access to the course will be valid for 6 months.
  • However, our internal PPSE timeline dictates a deadline of end-of-July for completion of the course, with a request to front-load your work so that the bulk of your course requirements are not left to the end since we'd like your 12-lesson planning to also be done by end of July.
  • Please remember to download and print the course materials and readings. This will allow you to access the material at your leisure even after you are "done" with the course, and sharing of the materials among your PPSE cohort as well as the Aditi community at large. We request you to create a binder of all the course material.
  • Time management - Based on discussions I have had with a few fo you on this subject, I suggest that you track closely how long it takes you to complete your first lesson. Use that as a guideline to manage your time for the remainder of the lessons i.e. speed up, if necessary.
  • Since you will have access to the course even after our PPSE deadline for completion, you could use the extra time later to go back to the course and add reflections to the journal or do anything else you wish for your own learning and development - PPSE does not require or mandate this, however.

I hope you have fun on this online learning journey. We look forward to your feedback (later).

Cheers // Shuchi

Sunday, June 11, 2006

All set to go!!

Hi PPSE-ites,

I hope you all are in receipt of the email sent to you from ASCD when I signed you up as students for the PD online courses. There is also a list of available courses - you may choose one from the list and register for it. Once you do that, you're all set to commence your online learning phase of the PPSE modules 5&6!

Please let me know if you have any problems. Also, please spread the word to those among this group who are not in the habit of regularly checking email or this group blog site.

Lastly, those who were interested in the Technology course - the more appropriate one is "Teaching Better With Technology" and not the other one which you will also see on the course list.

Good Luck! Have fun!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Update on the ASCD course

Hello everyone!

I have been in touch with ASCD regarding making the payment for the courses and getting access to a username and password which will allow me to sign you all up individually.

I hope to have all the adminstrative issues sorted out over the next day or two. After that we will be ready to sign you up. If I have your final choice with me, I could assign each of you a username and password (i.e. sign you up), over the weekend. If you'd rather we do it together (and you give yourself a username and password), I will be in school next on Tuesday June 13th. Please call/email me and let me know what works for you.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ASCD Technology Course

After reviewing the contents of the 2 technology courses that some of you have expressed an interest in, I have decided to add "Teaching Better With Technology" to the final list I posted yesterday. It seems to have a good bit of focus on technology to facilitate DI and MI - so it certainly fits in better with this module than the other tech. course.

As of now I have Anitha & Joel on the list for this course. Neela & Geeta, could you confirm if this is indeed your final choice?

Thanks, Shuchi

Final Choices

Your final choices have been duly noted. I will be in touch with you all regarding the logistics of signing up.

Good Luck, all, with the start of the new academic year tomorrow.

Monday, June 05, 2006

My choice

is "Differentiating Instruction."

Final choices & logistics for the ASCD online Courses

Hi PPSEites - new and old!

The following is the list of ASCD courses that has emerged from your inputs over the last few days. Those who have not given their preferences will have to choose from this list--

(1) Our Multiple Intelligences
(2) Differentiating Instruction
(3)Improving Student Achievement with Dimensions of Learning
(4) Understanding by Design: The six facets of understanding

Anitha, (and anyone else), would you like to consider the course on "Technology .. not just about word processing"? I had suggested it on Sunday - not sure if you all have checked this blog since. Neela seems interested in it.

Anyhow, given this list, please post your final choice here.

As far as logistics for signing up are concerned...Since so many of you are signing up from this one organization, we have a few benefits extended to us from ASCD. One of them is the use of a "Learning Managment System" for an adminstrator who can perform adminstrator/manager functions such as be point contact with ASCD and also track students' progress. Once we make the payment, ASCD will provide me with an administrator username and password for the LMS. I will do this by Tuesday/Wednesday. After that I will sign each of you up individually for your course - perhaps on Thursday.

Please call/email if you have any questions. Cheers.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I have finally managed to narrow down to 3- God! They all look so interesting.

Teaching better with technology by Jamie Sawatzky

Technology in schools- it's not just about word processing by Diane Jackson

The Brain: memory and learning strategies by Marcia D' Arcangelo

But actually, there are several others I do not mind doing at all if these three don't work out for any reason.

Thanks, Neela

preferences for online ASCD courses

hi tara and shuchi,

my preferences for the online ASCD courses are:

i) Our Multiple Intelligences
by Kathy Checkley

ii) Technology in Schools: It's Not Just About Word Processing
by Diane Jackson

iii) Understanding by Design: The Six Facets of Understanding
by John Brown

iv) New Using Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom
by Diane L. Jackson

the above preferences are posted by vijaya rajeshwari from neela's account since i didn't have the password to post on the ppse learning and sharing blog

Saturday, June 03, 2006

ASCD course on Technology in teaching

Hi everyone!

Thank you to those who have put up their preferences in a timely manner. We have a clear list of 4 or so course emerging. Will put up the list tomorrow.

Also, I noticed a Technology course that I seem to have missed earlier - Technology in Schools: It's Not Just About Word Processing, which seems to be in tune with our session on "Technology as Enabler". If anyone is interested, please go to the course listing on the ASCD website, and let me know asap.


My preferences

Dear Tara and Shuchi,

My preferences for the online course are:
  1. Our Multiple Intelligences by Kathy Checkley
  2. Bridging Learning Theory in the Classroom by Diane L. Jackson
  3. Differentiating Instruction by Leslie Kiernan



Friday, June 02, 2006

My preferences


My choices in order of interest

1. Differentiated Instruction

2. Success with differentiated instruction

3. Bridging theory and Practice.

My choices of the online courses

Dear Tara and Shuchi,
I have selected these courses in the order of preference.

1. Understanding by design: The six facets of understanding.
2. Success with differentiated Instruction.
3. Differentiated Instruction.


Preferences for the on-line course

1.Multiple Intelligences

2.Success with Differentiated Instruction

3. Differentiated Instruction

My course choice

According to preference

1. Improving Student Achievement with Dimensions of Learning by John Brown
Success with Differentiated Instruction by Cindy Strickland
Our Multiple Intelligences by Kathy Checkley

my choice

I'd like to do the multiple intelligences course.


My choice of Online course

My choice of Online course, in order of preference, is as under:
1. Our Multiple Intelligences
2. Bridging Learning Theory in the classroom

Gulab Jain

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Preferences for the Online Courses

Thanks Joel, Mahesh, Hema, Amarnathan & Koshy, for stating your preferences so promptly. Awaiting the others' choices so we can take a decision....


My Choice

Shuchi these are my choice for the Online course.
1.Supporting Student Health and achievement by Eva Marx and Kathy Checkley.
2. Improving student achievement with Dimension of learning. by John Brown
3. What works in schools by John brown

My choice for the online course

After having a look at all the courses, I found the following three courses of my liking.
1. The brain: understanding the mind, by Kathy Checkley
2. Our multiple intelligences, by Kathy Checkley
3. Understanding by design: The six facets of understanding, by John Brown.

1. understanding by design, the six facets of understanding(by John Brown)
2. Improving Student Achievement with Dimensions of learning(by John Brown)
3. The Brain memory and learning Strtegies(by Marcia D'Arcanoeb)
4. The Brain Understanding the mind(by Kathy Checkley)
5. Differentiating Instruction(by Leslie Kieman)

These are the order of preferences I have for the online learning course.

About Choosing an ASCD On line Course

In the order of preference:

1.Understanding by Design: The six facets of Understanding

2.Understanding Student Motivation

3.Improving Student Achievement with Dimensions of Learning

I am really keen on Six facets of Understanding.

My choices

The first choice is
1.Differentiating Instruction - Leslie Kiernan
Success with Differentiated Instruction - Cindy Strickland
My second choice is
2.Understanding by Design: The Six Facets of Understanding - John Brown
My third choice is -
Our Multiple Intelligences - Kathy Checkley

Frankly speaking, Cindy Strickland looks better to me. At first glance.