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Friday, March 31, 2006

PPSE Module 3 & 4 Essay Assignment

Module 3: Teaching in the 21st Century – From Theory to Practice- Essay Assignment

Consider the learning theories that were briefly outlined in the handout given to you at the end of the second contact session in January 2006.

  1. Choose one or more theories that you feel best fit with your practice.
  2. Try and further your understanding of the chosen theory/theories with further reading – (suggested/other). If you decide to use the Internet, please evaluate your site for authenticity.
  3. Write an essay of 2500 words in which you –

    a. Discuss, in detail, the theory/ theories that fit best with your practice and why.

    b. Relate the reading on your chosen theory/theories to your practice in the classroom.

    c. Analyse the theory for “application-friendliness” i.e. how easy or difficult is it to apply the theory in practice and why.

    d. Cite one or more examples from your classroom practice of how you have used the chosen learning theory/theories and/or the brain-based approaches that were discussed in the contact session in Jan. 2006.

    e. Also clearly indicate the additional readings you are basing your analysis on.
  4. The essay for module 3 has to be completed and sent to Tara Kini and Shuchi Grover latest by May 26, 2006. Submit your essay in a soft copy e-mailed to Shuchi and Tara and two hard copies delivered in the Red Door Room.
  5. The word count of the essay may lie 10% above or below the given word limit. Essays outside of this range will not be accepted for grading.

    The following points should be kept in mind:
  • Every paper /author that is quoted should be referenced according to the Harvard Referencing Framework that will be handed out.
  • Edit the essay thoroughly for clarity of expression, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Keep to the main ideas that relate to the given topic, particularly your practice in the classroom. Do not ramble. Keep your language crisp and do not throw in unnecessary adjectives or phrases.
  • Substantiate your ideas or practice with reading, but avoid large scale quoting or cutting and pasting from other articles.
  • Do not over-cite from other authors – it indicates lack of original thought.
  • The emphasis of the essay should be on analysis of your practice with respect to particular theories of learning that appeal to you. Avoid too much description - whether it is of the content of your lessons or of a theory.
  • Use Tahoma 12 font, double-spacing, numbered pages and 1-inch margins on all four sides.

    Grading for the written assignment

    A An excellent essay that will evidence thoughtful and perceptive evaluation and a critical exploration of the learning theories in the module with links to your own practice. There will be evidence of broad ranging reading, exploring opinion on theories. The essay will be focused and analytical and show independent thought, supported by reading. The presentation will be excellent and referenced correctly.

    B+ An interesting piece of work reflecting thoughtful analysis of the learning theories as linked to your own practice. Evidence of critical reflection of reading and references to examples of your practice. There should be a balanced appraisal of differing perspectives. Well organised, economic style, good presentation and correct referencing.

    B A sound essay, exploring aspects of the main learning theories in the module. Well argued and clearly expressed with evidence of appropriate reading in relation to the process of personal learning. Style and flow of the essay draws the reader’s interest. Organised and well presented with correct referencing.

    C Some understanding of the main learning theories of the module. Some reading and reference to practice. Mainly descriptive account of personal experiences and theories. Adequate organisation and presentation.

    F Poor understanding, inadequate reading and a lack of care in organisation and presentation.

    Support systems for the assignment:
    The blogs that will support this essay assignment are as follows:

    April, 2006
    Post your views on the reading for the assignment on your blog, and read other blogs and give comments.

    May, 2006
    Based on your choice of the learning theories for the essay, use the Sharing and Learning blog space for free format discussions with others who have chosen the same theories.

    A mentor could be provided, if necessary.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yesterday Anupama's session got over. All six of us in the plus two group were there. With this, finally, we have finished our first round. Bala was the able facilitator. Please keep an eye out for the reports on our individual blogs.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


During the last CASW session there was a discussion on research projects. For me the stress by the participants on inculcating values related to education and the need for accountability among the students sounded very assuring. When every one pointed about the necessity for a proper education on research methodology among students it also pointed to a growing need, that of providing structures or steps to enhance learning. It seems that earlier it was expected from the students to learn the methodology all by themselves. A review of CASW sessions reflect a change in this perception. It is always better to provide appropriate tools first to work with rather than calling for the product only.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey all of you out there!! I went and attended Viji's presentation as a participant!!I dont know if it is the done thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

+2 groups next two sessions.

We will have Anupama's session on Wednesday 22nd and Koshy's review too.
The time will be 2.30 to 4.45. The venue has to be decided.

notes on viji's CASW session

kindly take a look at my blog for the report on the latest CASW session of our +2 PPSE group..

Brain-based Learning

Hello again!

Tara and I would like to urge you all again to try a little harder to come up with suggestions and solutions to issues raised in CASW based on our discussions on brain-based learning.

There were several ideas that were suggested in the videos and several more that we came up with as a group. It appears that not many suggestions in the past CASW meetings have come out of this rich database. May we urge you all to look at your notes from the contact session before your CASW meetings, or perhaps even take them along with you (although there may not be much time during the CASW meeting to refer to those notes)? Participants & presenters should question suggestions that do not appear to have emerged from brain-based learning. Presenters, please be skeptical of adding a strategy to your to-do list if it is not kosher in this regard.

We hope and trust that future CASW meetings will have more ideas coming out of brain-based research.

Come on, people! You've done great this past month - let's try and work a little harder, shall we ?!

Thanks, Tara & Shuchi

PPSE Code: A Reminder

Hello everyone!

It has come to our attention that students whose work and issues are being discussed at CASW sessions are being named. Additionally, the Counselling Department appears to have been made aware of this and they wanted us to not allow this to happen again.

It is unfortunate that a decision that we reached collaboratively during our contact session in Jan about not naming names in the CASW sessions has been ignored/forgotten.

Also, it appears that problems brought forth by teachers during the contact session that were discussed (without naming names) collaboratively seem to have been shared by the wider Aditi teaching body. The casual mention of these without the appropriate context of our discussions seems to have sparked some misunderstandings about what exactly transpired during our contact session. This is again a violation of our oft-stated PPSE code that what is discussed in our sessions remain within the PPSE group.

It is imperative that we try our best to adhere to the PPSE code in order to maintain a safe, non-threatening environment for the PPSE group to openly share and discuss the issues that the participants would like to tackle collaboratively. Please bear this in mind at all times as we go through this journey together.

Thank you.

Tara & Shuchi

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Please come and see drawings, paintings and prints done by this years class 12 ISC students, at Art courtyard. The display will be there till 4th of march, '06.